The PKU test for babies

A few drops of blood are taken from newborns for this test. The blood sample is then analysed to detect rare metabolic diseases.
Baby wordt geprikt voor de Guthrietest

PKU test

Early detection

If they are detected in time, the rare metabolic diseases screened for in the PKU test respond well to treatment, such as a special diet.

The test is performed between 48 hours and 72 hours after the child is born.


You will receive a strip of the card, which serves as proof that the blood sample was collected. The nurse at Kind & Gezin will ask you for this strip.

You will only be informed of the test results if an abnormality has been detected and a check-up is necessary. If you do not hear anything about the test results within 6 weeks of the blood draw, the results are good.

Going home before screening

If you go home before screening, it is very important to have this test done in time by your independent midwife or GP. Ask the midwife for an explanation on why the test needs to be timely.

Last edit: 25 August 2021