Alcohol during pregnancy

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause complications, and there is no clear line between safe and unsafe alcohol consumption. It is understood, however, that the more alcohol you consume, the greater the risks involved.

Risks of alcohol consumption during a pregnancy

Alcohol consumption can lead to what is known as foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) in the baby. FAS is a combination of different congenital defects.

These include:

  • a small brain (indicated by the small skull) and abnormal facial features
  • heart and kidney abnormalities,
  • developmental delays
  • lower intelligence
  • delayed mental development

Other risks include miscarriages, premature births and impaired child development.

It is best to abstain from drinking alcohol.

There are indications that even minor alcohol consumption (e.g. 1 glass every 2-3 days) has limited adverse effects on the unborn child.

Therefore, women are advised to abstain entirely from drinking alcohol during their pregnancy.

Last edit: 2 June 2021