How to submit a file and documents to EC Research

General remarks

  • A file can only be declared admissible on the basis of electronic documents.
  • A file can only be received on Fridays before 12 noon and on other working days before 5 p.m. Applications received afterwards will be considered as having been received on the next working day.

Guidelines for electronic submission

Guidelines for submission by mail (max. 2 mails per submission) and via Eudralink

  • Submission of documents via Eudralink is accepted. Submissions via any other password-protected website are not accepted.
  • The various documents contained in the file (see the pages of this website related to 'drawing up the file') are added in different attachments to an email to This may be done using a zip-file.
  • A reference of the study (S-number, protocol no., EudraCT number, etc.) is included in the subject of the email.
  • The documents for which a signature is required (cover letter, application forms of the departments in question, CV of the investigator, possible EudracT form) are scanned before attaching.
  • The electronic attachments must be given a name (file name) referring to the respective content of each file.
  • You will receive proof of receipt of your email and attachments by reply to your email.
  • An electronic file can only be declared admissible if it has been submitted fully and correctly.
  • After inspecting the documents, an overview of the missing documents will be emailed in case of an incomplete submission (inadmissible file).
  • After inspection of the documents, in the event of complete submission (admissible file) the procedure provided for by law will be started (whereby the date of admissibility = day 0).
Last edit: 11 January 2024