Directions to the Gasthuisberg campus

The ring road around the Gasthuisberg campus is completely open. All destinations on the campus are accessible, from ring north as well as from ring south.

View the recommended routes to reach the Gasthuisberg campus by car, bus, train, on foot or by bike.

By car

Leuven centre

Because of roadworks on the Sint-Jacobsplein in Leuven access between the centre of Leuven and the Gasthuisberg campus via the Mgr. Van Waeyenberghlaan is not possible.

As an alternative you can use the route via the Leuven inner ring road.

Inner ring road

Coming via the inner ring road (successively Tiensepoort, Parkpoort, Naamsepoort, Tervuursepoort) you follow the Groefstraat and then Van Waeyenberghlaan.

Leaving the campus via the inner ring

To leave the campus again via the inner ring (successively Brusselsepoort, Mechelsepoort, Vaartkom), first take Van Waeyenberghlaan and then Groefstraat.

Leaving the inner ring

It is not possible to leave or enter the inner ring via the Gasthuisberg driveway / exit. The entrance and exit are only accessible for buses and emergency services, not for regular traffic.

Leuven outer ring road

From the Leuven outer ring road (successively Mechelsepoort and Brusselsepoort), take the Gasthuisberg campus exit.

Leaving the campus via the outer ring road

To leave the campus again via the outer ring (successively Tervuursepoort, Naamsepoort, Parkpoort, Tiensepoort), take the ramp to the Leuven ring.

Motorway (E40-E314)

Coming from the motorway, take the Gasthuisberg (16), Winksele (17) or Herent (18) exit on the E314.

Gasthuisberg exit (16)

After leaving the motorway, take the access road to the Gasthuisberg campus. Stay in the right lane and take the second exit at the roundabout.

Exit Winksele (17)

By bus or train

Leuven train station is approximately four kilometers from the hospital. Buses run regularly to and from the Gasthuisberg campus.

The final stop is near the main entrance of the hospital.

For the most recent info, visit the De Lijn website.

Buses through the city centre

You can reach the Gasthuisberg campus via buses that run through the centre of Leuven.

These buses also stop at Sint-Pieter campus and Sint-Rafaël campus.

The buses through the centre depart from Leuven station on platform 2.

Because of roadworks on the Sint-Jacobsplein in the centre of Leuven, buses follow a deviation route.

The Gasthuisberg campus remains easily accessible.

The Sint-Jacobsplein and Groefstraat stops will not be served. The Lemmensinstituut stop will be moved.

Ring buses

There are also 2 lines that run via the Leuven ring road to the Gasthuisberg campus. These buses do NOT stop at Sint-Pieter campus or Sint-Rafaël campus.

  • At Leuven station on platform 12, take the outer ring bus (line 600) to drive to the Gasthuisberg campus. The campus is the first bus stop after the station.
  • At the Gasthuisberg campus, take the inner ring bus (line 601) to drive to the station. The station is the first bus stop after the campus.

On foot or by bike

The Gasthuisberg Campus can be easily reached by bike or on foot:

  • via the centre (Mgr. Van Waeyenberghlaan)
  • via the Leuven ring road coming from Herent
  • via the cyclist bridge over the E314. For safety, the traffic at the entrance and exit is controlled with traffic lights.

There is a covered bicycle stand; it is located diagonally opposite the main entrance.

Need help with transportation?

Patients who do not have a means of transport to travel to and from the hospital can use a patient transport service.

Please contact your health insurance provider for more details.