Parking rates for visitors at Gasthuisberg Campus

See the overview of parking rates for visitors.

As a visitor, you pay € 2 per hour after the first half hour, with a maximum of € 12 per 24 hours.

Hourly rates

Parking time Visitor rate
Fewer than 30 minutes Free
30 minutes to 1 hour € 2
1 to 2 hours € 4
2 to 3 hours € 6
3 to 4 hours € 8
4 to 5 hours € 10
5 to 24 hours € 12



Longer than 24 hours?

You pay 12 euros per 24 hours (and per entry). Each additional hour is charged as shown in the table above.

Lost ticket?

If you lose your parking ticket, you'll pay 30 euros at the pay machine.

Weekly subscription

Are you going to be admitted for more than 3 days? Then a weekly subscription could be interesting for your close family.

  • Price: 15 euros
  • To be arranged at registration (at the desk clerk, at the registration kiosk or via the app mynexuzhealth - keep patient identity card and parking ticket handy).
  • Payment is made at the pay machine before driving out for the first time.
  • Upon exiting, the ticket reader will give you the ticket back. Use it the following times when entering and exiting.
  • The subscription is valid until the seventh day after purchase.
Last edit: 2 March 2024