Prepare your conversation

As a result of tension or emotions, a conversation with the care provider often proceeds differently than you would have liked. Only once you are outside again, you'll remember what you wanted to ask. Good preparation helps to get the right information. Read some tips to help you.

Tips for your meeting with the care provider

  • Write down your questions and leave room to note the answers. Examples:
    • What are my treatment options?
    • What are the benefits and disadvantages of each option?
    • What does this mean for my personal situation?
  • Take someone you trust along to the appointment.
    • This person can help you when asking questions.
    • Two can remember more than one. 
  • Ask your most important questions first.
  • Feel free to ask an explanation for words you don't understand. 
  • Do you have to take a difficult decision? Ask time to think about it.

Do you still have questions after your conversation? Make a new appointment.

As a patient you have the right to clear information about your condition and your procedure, examination or treatment resulting from this. 

Your consent is required and you can only give your permission when you have been sufficiently informed. This is why the physician will inform you in an understandable way about the procedure, examination or the treatment, so that you can decide whether or not you want to undergo this. 

The physician will always describe the course of the procedure, examination or treatment, and inform you about any discomfort or risks involved. In addition he will propose potential alternatives and will point out the possible consequences should you refuse a procedure, examination or treatment. 

When you feel you have sufficient information to give your consent, the physician will register your consent in the patient record. For some types of procedure (e.g. vasectomy) you will be asked to sign a document. Also when you do not give your consent, you will always have to confirm this in writing. 

Last edit: 3 May 2021