Forced medication

By forced medication we mean administering medication (eg tranquilisers) against the wishes of the patient. It is a measure that can only be used for therapeutic reasons.

Objective forced medication

The objective for administering forced medication can differ depending on the situation of the patient. 

Potential objectives for forced medication are:

  • Prevent the patient from harming himself
  • Preventing serious material damage
  • Reduce stimulation and regulation of motor unrest
  • Optimise impulse control

Decision to administer forced medication

The decision to administer forced medication is taken within a supporting team, always in consultation with the physician and the supervisor. 

The request for forced medication can be put in by any team member, in consultation with other team members. 

Administering forced medication

The nurse performing the measure has to master all actions related to forced medication and physical handling of a patient and has to be able to motivate this as concretely as possible to the patient, his family and the other care providers. 

Last edit: 24 January 2020