Circumcision in men

Circumcision in men is a procedure where the foreskin of the penis is being removed.




In addition to traditions and cultural habits, there are also medical reasons why circumcision is performed in men from puberty onwards: 

  • When the foreskin cannot be slid over the glans without difficulty.
  • In case of problems with the foreskin during erections.



A circumcision is performed under local anaesthetic or under general anaesthetic in the surgical day hospital.


  • The foreskin is detached from the glans and shortened.
  • The skin is sutured or glued behind the edge of the glans.

Duration of the procedure: approximately 30 minutes


  • The first 24 hours, a pressure bandage will be applied. 
  • Replace the bandage each time after urinating to avoid infections. 
  • Urinating might hurt, especially the first couple of times after the surgery. 
  • The first couple of weeks, the glans will be hypersensitive. This will pass spontaneously. 
  • Apply Furacine cream twice a day, until the tube is empty.
  • For 10 days you are not allowed to exercise, go to the sauna, swim or bathe. You can take showers.
  • The stitches are dissolvable and thus disappear on their own.
  • After 1 week you have a check-up at your GP's. After 6 weeks, you come for a check-up at the urology consultation. 


Last edit: 18 June 2024