About center for clinical pharmacology

The Center for Clinical Pharmacology employs a team of highly qualified scientists and healthcare professionals some of whom have over 25 years of experience in clinical pharmacology.

Mission Statement

The Center for Clinical Pharmacology is an Academic Research Organisation focusing on the safe conduct of early clinical development trials based on the highest quality, safety, ethical and scientific standards. Delivering superior quality data within predefined time lines are top priorities.

Why the Center for Clinical Pharmacology?

The Center for Clinical Pharmacology is located on Campus Gasthuisberg of the University Hospitals of Leuven in Belgium near Brussels: the heart of Europe … As an Academic Research Organisation we primarily conduct early clinical trials in healthy subjects in collaboration with pharmaceutical industry. Being part of the largest University Hospital of Europe provides the unique opportunity to also perform early patient trials as well as purely science driven academic trials in collaboration with key opinion leaders in a variety of disease areas. Moreover, being part of a JCI accredited Hospital, is reassuring for the quality of the environment in which we feel confident to conduct your trial.

The Center for Clinical Pharmacology is part of the University of Leuven, KU Leuven. The KU Leuven is an institution for research and education with an international appeal which ranks among the best 50 universities worldwide. Being part of the KU Leuven creates an inspiring atmosphere for scientists in search for the truth as is evidenced by over 200 peer-reviewed papers published by the Center for Clinical Pharmacology.

Taken together, the Center for Clinical Pharmacology is your scientific partner for efficiently bridging the gap of your molecule to patients in a safe environment.

An experienced team

The Center for Clinical Pharmacology employs a team of highly qualified scientists and healthcare professionals some of whom have over 25 years of experience in clinical pharmacology. The current head and Principal Investigator, Prof. Dr. J. de Hoon, was trained in Chemistry and Internal Medicine and became a certified Clinical Pharmacologist in 1998. He has over 20 years of experience in early clinical drug development: partly in academia, partly in industry.

A permanent staff of dedicated, GCP and BLS trained people is employed to take care of the smooth conduct of your project. Apart from the core team of permanent staff, an additional group of well trained on call nurses is employed who participate in the professional execution of trials depending on the workload involved.

Last edit: 8 December 2022