Breaking ground together

Last year various working groups with people from all layers of the hospital got together to clearly describe the vision and values of UZ Leuven. The result? A ‘charter’ that states clearly what concerns and binds UZ Leuven employees.

Supported by all

The vision and values of UZ Leuven describe where the hospital is headed and what it stands for. They are the framework from which strategic choices depart and are being assessed. 

The charter describes what employees are engaged in on a daily basis. It is good to name these obvious things.

In 2019 a call was launched for enthusiastic employees that were ready to think about shaping the UZ Leuven vision and values into a new text. 

During a series of focus groups, some hundred employees from all layers of the hospital got to work on a basic text. Out of discussions, reactions and recommendations a new version emerged which was refined here and there and then approved by the management committee and the board of directors. The end result was the charter 'Breaking ground together'.

Put into practice

In the 2020 corona year, UZ Leuven went through the biggest health care challenge in its existence. The hospital was put to the test, both on a logistical and a organisational level, but more than anything corona demanded a tour de force of commitment, knowledge and skill from all our employees. The new UZ Leuven vision, clearly put into words in the powerful motto 'Breaking ground together' was immediately fully put into practice.

See translation of the Dutch charter below the image

(Translation charter)

Breaking ground together 

UZ Leuven vision: our goal
  • by consulting the patient, give him the best possible customised care.
  • paving the way to tomorrow's healthcare with leading research and excellent training.
  • by making UZ Leuven the work place so that every employee can bring out the best in him.
UZ Leuven values: what we stand for
  • Collaboration
  • A passion for our assignment and our work
  • Warm hospitality and respect for all patients and for one another
Last edit: 3 March 2021