Program and speakers Winter Symposium 2021

Our online Winter Symposium will consist of 20 lectures (e-learnings). Below, please find the different topics and speakers.

Topic Speaker
Update on modern labour analgesia Prof. Dr. Lawrence Tsen
Post-caesarean section analgesia Prof. Dr. Marc Van de Velde
Management of spinal induced hypotension Prof. Dr. Warwick Ngan Kee
Anesthesia for emergency cesarean section Dr. Nuala Lucas
PDPH: update on management and serious complications of ADP and PDPH Prof. Dr. Ruth Landau
Major Obstetric Hemorrhage Prof. Dr. Carolyn Weiniger
Treating the critically ill COVID patient Prof. Dr. Geert Meyfroidt
ERAS-status and strategies for improvement Prof. Dr. Henrik Kehlet
Update on upper and lower extremity peripheral nerve blocks Dr. Clara Lobo
Patient Blood Management Dr. Raf Van den Eynde
New concepts in chronic pain prevention and management Prof. Dr. Esther Pogatzki-Zahn
Managing major hemorrhage during trauma and major surgery Dr. Raf Van den Eynde
PONV: a comprehensive update Prof. Dr. Ashraf Habib
Pediatric anaesthesia: an update of the essentials Prof. Dr. Walid Habre
Abdominal and thoracic wall blocks revisited Dr. Steve Coppens
Modern intraoperative ventilatory management Prof. Dr. Arne Neyrinck
The advantages of opioid low anesthesia Prof. Dr. Patrice Forget
Non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheeren
Postoperative pain management: PROSPECT guidelines explained based on two examples Prof. Dr. Girish Joshi
(Cost-)Effectiveness of preoperative erythropoiesis-stimulating agents and/or iron therapy in patients with preoperative anaemia undergoing elective surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis Prof. Philippe Vandekerckhove
Last edit: 9 April 2021