Mission statement

Within the Catholic University of Leuven, UZ Leuven is an autonomous organisation for health care. They include different campuses, providing high-level diversified and specialist medical care in the humane, the scientific and the technological domain, to both out and inpatients. UZ Leuven aims to maintain a prominent place in applied clinical development and continuously work at an improved and innovative patient care.

In conjunction with the academic assignment, patient care is a constant object of clinical concern and review. Furthermore, the University Hospitals offer the appropriate setting for the academic tasks of teaching and research.

The patient care provided is multidisciplinary. It is established through the interaction between the medical, nursing, paramedical, technical, pastoral and logistics staff, each with their own specific expertise. In dialogue with those externally responsible, care is customised for each patient, according to his own medical, social and ideological background.

It aims for continuity in consultation with referring physicians and extramural care providers.

In its activities, UZ Leuven does not exclude any domain of medicine. It offers integrated patient care which is permanently available, on prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation level. Transmural activities are stimulated within the framework of various functional networks with other hospitals, institutions or facilities of health care, with the intention of creating a dynamic interaction, guaranteeing the highest quality standard.

UZ Leuven makes a continuous clinical and an organisational effort to remain one of the world-leading healthcare centres.

The orientation towards Europe provides upscaling and an expansion of expertise, necessary to place the most advanced quality medicine at the disposal of each and every patient.

UZ Leuven aims to put their clinical and medical-organisational experience and expertise at the service of various forms of development aid.

UZ Leuven considers the quality and motivation of its healthcare workers to be the best guarantee for the quality of patient care. As a result UZ Leuven's HR policy promotes human skills, professional expertise and a sense of responsibility in each individual as well as stimulating continuous schooling.

UZ Leuven aims to achieve an optimal acquisition of resources and its efficient application. Concepts and organisational models are formulated and assessed for the purpose of healthcare and hospital management. The task of advising the government ties in with this.

The management and activities of UZ Leuven are inspired by christian ethics, with respect for ideology and the dignity of each individual.

Last edit: 23 February 2021