Investing in the future: training doctors and nurses

More than half of all future doctors, GPs and specialists have been trained and mentored at UZ Leuven. Thanks to the efficient supervision system at UZ Leuven this can happen in a safe and high-quality manner. 

In cooperation with the faculties of medicine, pharmaceutical sciences en movement and rehabilitation sciences UZ Leuven trains and guides students from their bachelor onwards up until their specialisation year. 

Life-long learning 

In a university hospital with ambition, people in training learn how to use the newest medical technologies. 

A university hospital is a tertiary referral hospital that develops and validates new diagnoses and treatment methods before they are applied more widely. UZ Leuven employees are therefore at the source of the newest developments in healthcare. 

With specific programmes for life-long learning and refresher training, they are encouraged to stay abreast of all the latest developments and insights in their field of expertise. 

Training and internships

Not only doctors, but also students of nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, clinical psychology and lab technicians are being trained and guided at UZ Leuven during their internships.  

On the Gasthuisberg Health Sciences campus, right next to the hospital, the university for applied sciences UCLL provides professional bachelor training for nursing, obstetrics, nutritional sciences and dietetics, oral care and lab technology. The graduate training for nursing with workplace learning as one of its essential elements also has its place on the campus. Bachelor-after-bachelor courses such as oncology and intensive care and emergency care also take place on the Gasthuisberg campus, as well as postgraduate courses such as diabetes educator or lactation care.

Last edit: 12 February 2021