Investing in the future: self-learning and quality

Stimulating people to question themselves and to give them every day the opportunity to improve again: this is also part of a university hospital. The premise is measure to gather knowledge: with evidence-based research or polls, both medical and non-medical staff can continuously adjust their work. 


Flemish quality indicators

Working on quality is ingrained in the hospital's values. In collaboration with the Flemish government and the umbrella organisation Zorgnet-ICURO, keeps track of the quality indicators. These indicators give a concrete insight in the healthcare service and its results, It gives patients correct information to decide where he wants to be treated.

By contributing to the Flemish quality indicators for the healthcare sector UZ Leuven wants to create openness and clarity about its approach and results. The hospital obviously also uses the data as an instrument to further improve the quality of care. 

Last edit: 12 February 2021