2021 key figures

2021 was once more a year in which the customary activities had to make room for urgent COVID-19 care. Nonetheless, our 10,000 employees worked together to fluently handle well over 750,000 consultations, more that 176,000 (day) admissions and about 56,000 surgical procedures.


Average number of corona patients admitted per month in 2021

Annual report 2021 - Average number of corona patients

Admissions, surgical procedures and consultations


surgical procedures
In 2021, UZ Leuven performed 55,881 surgical procedures. That is 7,688 more than in 2020, an increase of 16%. Per operational working day in 2021, there were on average 222 surgical procedures, 138 of which in the surgical outpatient clinic.

366 organ transplants

In 2021 UZ Leuven performed 366 organ transplants or 39.3% of all organ transplants in Belgium. Last year UZ Leuven also performed 2 trachea transplants, making UZ Leuven the largest of all 8 transplant centres in Belgium.

Out of 143 kidney transplants there are 20 with living donation, the highest number ever for our hospital. A total of 119 lungs were transplanted over 58 double lung transplants and 3 single lung transplants. There were also 78 liver transplants, 20 heart transplants, 4 pancreas transplants and 2 small intestine transplants.

Most transplants were 1 organ transplants. For 13 patients it was a combined transplant of 2 organs and for one patient even 3 organs. With a total of 14 combined organ transplants UZ Leuven performed 63,6% of the 22 combined transplants in Belgium.

Annual report 2021 - Organ transplants

Oncology – Leuven Cancer Institute (LKI)

Medical-technical interventions and examinations

1,014 clinical trials*

In clinical trials – scientific research in humans – both researchers and patients look for improved diagnostic aids, new insights and innovative treatments.

In 2021 UZ Leuven/KU Leuven initiated 1,014 clinical trials, 43.5% international trials. 392 trials are UZ Leuven only trials, while 504 trials also involve other participating centres.

Half the trials are initiated and supervised by UZ Leuven-/KU Leuven researchers. 28.6% was headed by a commercial firm.

In 673 trials it concerned research without medication or medical aids. In addition, there were 269 trials that involved medication, 68 involved a medical aid, and 4 trials involved a combination of medication and a medical aid. 

(* preliminary figures)




By the end of 2021 there were 10,011 UZ Leuven employees or 8,530 full-time equivalents.

Age distribution


Commuter traffic

  • 66%

  • 22.7%

  • 8.8%

    public transport
  • 2.5%

    bike & public transport
  • In 2021, 66% of the UZ Leuven employees came to work by car. The percentage of employees that come to work on their bike increased from 21.5% in 2020 to 22.7% in 2021.

    In 2021, 8.8% of the employees came to work by public transport, compared to 9.4% in 2020. In total 34% of our employees regularly used either the bike or public transport.

    UZ Leuven promotes sustainable means of transport by offering its employees a bicycle allowance and free public transport.


    Z.org KU Leuven

    All the above figures did not include the annual figures of Z.org KU Leuven. We will give you a short overview of the key figures of Z.org KU Leuven in order to stress the strong relationship between UZ Leuven and Z.org KU Leuven.


    Z.org KU Leuven employees


      Total Kortenberg Gasthuisberg
    Admissions full hospitalisation 3,004 1,265 1,739
    Nursing days hospitalisation 111,792 77,580 34,212
    Nursing days day admissions 22,383 9,357 13,026
    Beds occupied  306 242 64
    Consultations doctors 34,952 15,384 19,568
    Consultations non-medical staff 13,708 4,624 9,084
    Consultations at the ER 3,937 0 3,937
    Post-treatment 11,060 10,912 148
    Consultations conventions 8,279 2,645 5,634
    Mobile teams care contacts 14,876 10,205 4,671
    Last edit: 14 March 2022