Pregnancy: follow-up by a specialised midwife

A pregnancy is a natural process; a low-risk pregnancy can monitored by a midwife without any problems. 

A familiar face

Would you prefer to have your appointments at UZ Leuven? We offer you the possibility to plan this follow-up with one of our midwives. 

Personalised monitoring

Every midwife in our team will have her own focus, depending on personality and interests, but we all have the same goal: personalised monitoring on your way to parenthood. 

Follow-up by one and the same midwife means that there is a bond which creates trust, an important condition to feel good and to be yourself during the consultations. 

We can help you with all your questions, thoughts, but also with your potential fears or insecurities. If necessary we can refer you to our obstetric, multidisciplinary team (gynaecologist, psychologist ...).

We look forward to seeing you!


Would you like to be monitored by one of our midwives? Please let us know during your first consultation.

Last edit: 13 February 2024