Semen analysis
Examines the quality of the sperm cells and the sperm count.

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Reduced male fertility can usually be attributed to a reduction of the amount or quality of the sperm cells. 

During a spermiogram we assess the following aspects:

  • Volume of the sperm sample
  • Sperm cell motility
  • Sperm count
  • Shape of the sperm cell


It is important for the semen analysis to be done under optimal circumstances in order to come to reliable and usable results. 

2 samples

A spermiogram is a snapshot. The quality of a sperm samply can vary greatly, even between 2 ejaculations. 

This is why we often plan a second sample.

After the 2 spermiograms you will get an appointment with the andrologist. He will discuss the results of the semen analysis with you. 

Last edit: 28 June 2022