Working as a (para)medical professional in Belgium

Citizens of EU member states, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein (European Economic Area) and Switzerland can travel and work freely in other member states without a visa or work permit. 

However, there are special procedures for being allowed to exercise your (para)medical profession in Belgium. 

Steps to be followed by:

Language proficiency in UZ Leuven

To be allowed to do part of your specialist training in UZ Leuven or to work permanently as a staff member in UZ Leuven, it is essential that you have sufficient knowledge of the Dutch language.

Members of staff

An ad hoc language training programme will be developed for doctors engaged as staff members with non-native Dutch language skills. 

Doctors training to be a specialist

For doctors training to be a specialist, a ‘sufficient level required’ will depend on the level of contact with patients.

  • Technical acts on sedated or sleeping patients: level B2 is not required but a Dutch-speaking staff member must be present anytime you are performing a medical act.
  • Contacts with patients that are awake: level B2 is required. Please contact the head of the clinical department for further information.

A language clause will be added to your contract stating: ”Until such time that the (senior) doctor specialist in training can offer proof of having obtained a language proficiency level equivalent to the European level Vantage B2 or KU Leuven level 4 B1+, the (senior) doctor-specialist in training can only perform technical acts with the additional condition that a Dutch speaking member of staff must be present in the same room”.

Clinical observership

There is no special language requirement for a clinical observership.


  • You will not perform any medical acts.
  • There is no direct and individual patient contact
  • You have relevant medical qualification (medical or paramedical/nursing degree)


More info about housing opportunities in Leuven can also be found on the university website.

Living and working in Leuven

The International House Leuven is an initiative of the City of Leuven and Leuven MindGate. It is an information, knowledge and service centre for internationals and their families.

It is their ambition to provide support related to relocation, social integration, living and working in the Leuven region. The International House Leuven is the vibrant hub for local networking and community building.

It strengthens and showcases Leuven’s diverse and international character.

Read more about the International House Leuven.

Last edit: 20 April 2023