Development of abnormal breast tissue in boys and men. Excessive mammary gland development can lead to pain and aesthetic suffering in men.




At birth both boys and girls have little glandular ducts behind the nipple. In boys these usually disappear during childhood. 

During puberty these mammary glands can start to swell (temporarily). In case of gynaecomastia there is excessive mammary gland development.   

Causes of gynaecomastia in men:

  • Imbalance between male and female sex hormones
  • Liver disorder
  • Testicular disorder


Below you will find a number of possible treatment for this disorder. After the diagnosis your physician will, in consultation with you and the other physician of the team, choose the best solution for you. Your treatment can therefore differ from the therapy/ies suggested below. 

  • Modify medication
  • Antioestrogen for several months
  • Plastic surgery (in case of persistent gynaecomastia primarily with aesthetic suffering)

Examinations and diagnosis

In case of (suspicion of) this disorder we will run one or more tests: 

  • Blood test to detect the hormonal imbalance in the liver function 
  • Physical examination of the lymph nodes and testicles
  • Ultrasound of the mammary gland, testicles or liver
Last edit: 13 October 2020