Study with hyaluronan-enriched transfer medium

We are hereby sending you the information on a study that was recently started in the LUFC: 'Effect of hyaluronan-enriched transfer medium on the cumulative ongoing pregnancy rate: a prospective randomized trial'.

In this trial, we want to investigate whether the chance of a live birth can be increased by transferring the embryos using a “hyaluronan-enriched transfer medium" compared to "conventional culture medium".

If you wish to participate, an especially designed computer program will decide whether 
-    you will receive an embryo transfer in a normal culture medium in which the embryos are cultured, or
-    you will receive an embryo transfer in a “hyaluronan-enriched transfer medium”.

If you wish not to participate in the study, the embryo will be placed in a normal culture medium. 

Please find enclosed the information- and informed consent documents. 
Before you agree to take part in this study, you can find more information on this study. This will enable you to make a decision based on the correct information.  
This document consists of 3 parts:

  1. I Information vital to your decision to take part
  2. II Informed consent
  3. III Additional Information

If you wish to participate, you will have to sign the Part II Informed consent and return it to us

You can return the document

    • By preference via mail to, with the reference ‘study’ in the  subject
    • Bring the document with you when you come in for your stimulation and hand it to the staff at the LUFC reception desk
    • Bring the document at the latest at the moment of oocyte aspiration and hand it to our staff at the LUFC reception desk
Last edit: 13 April 2022