Drawing up an informed consent form (ICF)


For interventional study drug clinical trials (EudraCT-studies) in adult patients, use this new national template. This template was published on 1 July 2019 on the CT-College website in Dutch, English and French.

This template was designed by a work group comprising representatives of BAREC (Belgian Association of Research Ethics Committees), of Pharma.be and of patient associations. This work group was coordinated by the CT-college of the FPS Public Health, Security of the Food chain and Environment.

The sponsor statement also needs to be entered and submitted to the EC.

Template EudraCT-studies UZ Leuven sponsor

When a study is submitted with diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals (PET/SPECT imaging), the text in the document below should be included in the study's ICF.

Template for interventional clinical studies with an investigational vaccine in adult healthy volunteers

A template for interventional clinical studies with an investigational vaccine in adult healthy volunteers can be found here in Dutch, French and English.

You will also find additional guidelines for use of this template in a PowerPoin tas well as a template for drawing up a sponsorship statement on the CT-college website. https://consultativebodies.health.belgium.be/en/documents/model-icf-vaccine-trials-adult-healthy-volunteers


For non-EudraCT studies use the templates below (ZIP-file with versions in Dutch, English and French).

Please use the "UZ Leuven sponsor" templates if UZ Leuven is the sponsor of your study. These templates already take into account the legal basis chosen by UZ Leuven to process data ("general interest", cf. article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)), the contact details of the insurance company are entered, etc.

For studies where KU Leuven is the sponsor, the "UZ Leuven sponsor" template can also be a good guideline as for most KU Leuven studies, "general interest" is also chosen as the processing basis.

Templates non-EudraCT studies

Non-interventional study
ZIP - 96.4 Kb

These documents are meant for adult patients.

Information letter

To draw up an information letter for research that does not collect personal data, we recommend using this template to inform individuals about the study.

Guidelines for drawing up ICF

For additional guidelines for drawing up/entering a ICF, we refer to the following documents:

Guidance for applicants
PDF - 76.03 Kb
Guidance on use of e-ICF
PDF - 254.14 Kb

The latter document describes the limitations that need to be taken into account when using electronic methods to inform a potential participant about a clinical trial and/or to get the ICF signed.

Last edit: 5 December 2023