CT scan

Computer tomography
X-rays generate detailed cross-sections of a specific part of the body, which the computer converts into other spatial and three dimensional images.



Only with a medical prescription 

For this examination you need a prescription from your physician. Bring the prescription with you on the day of the examination. 


  • You have to be nil-by-mouth for a CT scan: as of four hours before the examination you're not allowed to eat, drink or smoke. 
  • For the following CT scans you don't have to be nil-by-mouth, unless specifically requested:
    • Upper- and lower jaw
    • Sinuses
    • Body fat measurements
    • Limbs and joints (skeletal system)
    • Vertebral column
  • Warn the nurse before the examination about the following: 
    • Asthma or allergy
    • Reactions to contrast fluids in previous examinations
    • Pregnancy (or suspicion of)


The examination will take about an hour and a half. The CT scan will approximately take 15 minutes.

  • Before the examination you will be given contrast fluid to drink. Additional contrast fluid can be administered intravenously in your arm. 
  • You position yourself on the examination table (usually on your back).
  • X-ray pictures are taken while you move through a wide tunnel.
  • When the images are being taken, you have to lie quietly and hold your breath for a little while. 
Last edit: 18 April 2024