Intercultural mediation and language support


For interpretation, UZ Leuven works with external partners who offer a wide range of languages, including Flemish sign language.

You can request language assistance via:

  • the intercultural mediation service
  • the social Work department
  • the nursing unit where you are staying

When making an appointment at the hospital, you can already mention that you'll be needing an interpreter. It is also possible to request an interpreter at admission.

Intercultural mediation

The intercultural mediation service can provide targeted advice to patients and healthcare professionals in various healthcare situations:

  • Explaining cultural differences in dealing with healthcare and medical counselling.
  • Assisting during your hospital journey, such as:
    • Helping to find your way around the hospital.
    • Providing information and assistance in completing specific documents.
    • Giving information on how the hospital works.
  • Supporting foreign patients when facing a difficult conversation with a healthcare provider.

You can apply for language assistance via:

  • the social worker on your ward
  • the nursing unit where you are staying
Last edit: 2 March 2024