Radiation treatment with protons

The first radiotherapy session usually takes place two weeks after the CT-simulation. This time frame is necessary to set up your treatment plan and check it thoroughly. After that you will come in regularly for the radiation sessions.

First radiation

Your first radiation session usually follows two weeks after the CT-simulation. This time span is necessary to set up and thoroughly check your treatment plan.

When entering the radiation area we ask you to spontaneously give us your last name, first name and date of birth.

Before starting the radiation, the nurses will position you carefully on the table. Every day, check-up images will be made. It is possible that the table move a little before the actual radiation starts. This way the position of the simulation is reproduced perfectly. After that the nurse leaves the radiation area.The duration of the radiation is calculated for every patient individually. In the adjacent operation room the nurse will observe your via a television screen. In addition she will be able to hear you via an intercom system.

It is very important that you do not move until the radiation is complete. You won't feel the radiation itself. When the radiation session is complete, the nurse will ask you to come down from the table.

For safety reasons it is legally impossible to allow family or friends to enter the radiation area.

Further radiation sessions

The radiotherapist will determine how your treatment will go. Even for the same disorder, the treatment can differ from patient to patient.

The total number of radiation session, the total dose and the necessary time between two radiation sessions will be determined by the type of tumour, the location of the tumour in the body and the results of the past examinations.

The total number of sessions can vary between 20 to 37. During the weekend you will usually not be radiated, unless the radiation device was in maintenance for several days during the past week.

In some cases, a part of your treatment can be administered with photons: if the treatment protocol prescribes this, or in case of maintenance/defect of the proton device so that no time is lost fighting the tumour. Your physician will discuss this with you.

Last edit: 16 April 2021