Two UZ Leuven physicians in the Topdokters Coronaspecial on VIER

6 April 2020

On Monday 30 March, VIER broadcasted the second episode of Topdokters corona, a special edition of the well-known programme. Two UZ Leuven physicians also participated: prof. dr. Sandra Verelst (ER) and dr. Philippe Meersseman (medical intensive care). 

A special edition asks for a special concept. For this series of Topdokters there were no camera crews in the hospitals or the physicians' practices. The physicians filmed everyhting themselves with a smartphone and were interviewed via Skype. The result is a special and authentic account of the COVID-19-crisis.  

Dr. Philippe Meersseman, medical intensive care: There are no top doctors, only top teams! 

“I think it is important to show what efforts everyone in UZ Leuven is making to fight this crisis. The teams that have been treating the COVID patients for a while now, deserve to be in the spotlights. By participating, I want to show my respect and appreciation for all teams, because this crisis has an enormous impact on all our employees. These are difficult times but thanks to the solidarity in our hospital and the support of everyone we will surely defeat this virus.”

Prof. dr. Sandra Verelst, ER: Emergencies are never about an individual, but all about the team

“Teamwork is key for me. I have the biggest admiration for what our team has been able to realise in such a short span to time, such as the rapid reconstruction of the emergency room to separate COVID from non-COVID areas. The emergency department feels enormously supported by all departments in the hospital, both medical and supporting. I've seen nurses from other departments join the emergency department with a smile on their face. They and all other nurses and physicians keep on working under these difficult circumstance, full of courage and conviction. And behind the screens, a lot of people work in order to keep admitting patients. This ensures that you can leave 'the house' with a certain peace of mind in the evening, and that you can be proud to be working in such an environment.”

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