Receive your UZ Leuven invoice online

19 May 2020
Patients can now choose to receive their hospital invoice via the online administration platform Doccle and no longer in the mail.

Save and pay invoices in 1 location

In Doccle you can receive, save and pay invoices and documents from hospitals and various companies letters online. You can also share your hospital invoice with e.g. your insurance company or employer if this is necessary for your hospital or occupational accidents insurance.

A plus for the environment

If you choose to receive your invoices via Doccle, you will no longer receive a paper invoice in the mail. Only the certificate for services rendered which you need to give to your health insurance fund will be mailed to you.
Start with Doccle

  • On the mynexuzhealth website or the app you can directly log on to your existing Doccle account or you can register a new account. Go to Invoices > Doccle connect.
  • Or go to and add ‘nexuzhealth’.

Every patient will receive an accompanying letter with his (paper) invoice with the necessary codes and a step-by-step plan to start working with Doccle, should you want to.

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Last edit: 3 February 2021