New app guides healthcare workers through oral anti-cancer therapy

29 October 2020
Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and IT specialists from UZ Leuven have developed a new app Oncot’app. The app contains information for healtcare workers about dozens of different oral anti-cancer therapies and replaces the existing pocket book for oral anti cancer therapy, which until now only existed on paper.

The new Oncot’app contains information about the current most relevant oral anti-cancer therapy in clinical care. The tool was developed by UZ Leuven, but is also freely available to doctors, pharmacists and nurses outside the hospital. 

The app gives information about the disorders for which the treatment is set up, instructions for correct administration, interactions with other medication or food, potential side effects ... This enables healthcare workers to support their patients better during their oral anti-cancer therapie. 

Pocket book

The app replaces a 76-page paper pocket book. The booklet was put together in UZ Leuven, but in the meantime many healthcare providers in other hospitals and in the first line also used the reference work. 

Easily updated

The app will make it even easier to look up information about a specific therapy. Care workers can look up substance and brand name and will see a complete file on the product. In addition the app will be easier to update regularly. This is necessary because the use of oral cancer therapies has increased significantly the last couple of years. And finally, the app is completely free.

Available on Android and as a web version

The app is availabe as an app on Android, and as web brower version via

The app was realised thanks to the UZ Leuven cyztra project and with the financial support of AbbVie. The cyztra project is a collaboration between oncology nurses, hospital pharmacists and doctor-specialists from the Leuven Cancer Institute (LKI). The application was set up as complete and as correct as possible, but it obviously does not replace the care provider's own thinking and acting abilities. 

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Last edit: 9 August 2022