Leuven associations organise art auction in aid of corona research

29 September 2020
Two Leuven associations, Kiwanis Oud-Heverlee and Soroptimist Leuven, will be raising money for the Leuven DAWn trials, that research the coronavirus. They are organising an online art auction, starting on 12 October. The artworks can be viewed 'in real life' in a pop-up art gallery.

To get the corona crisis under control, more research is needed. A number of clinical trials researching the COVID-19-virus, have been brought together in the DAWn-consortium. DAWn stands for Direct Antivirals Working Against nCOv.

DAWn-Antiviral and DAWn-Azithro

A first trial (DAWn-Antiviral) examines whether a first therapy that suppresses the coronavirus in vitro also does so in in patients. A second trial (DAWn-Azithro) examines efficacy of the antibioticum azithromycine as a antiviral and anti-inflammatory means.


The DAWn-Plasma trial examines whether administering plasma of patients that have recovered from COVID can lead to the disease being less serious. There are indications from previous pandemics that such ‘convalescent’ plasma could be beneficial. 


And finally, the DAWN-AntiCo trial examines whether the early suppression of severe reactions specifically caused by the COVID-19 virus can also reduce the severity of the disease. 

Online art auction

To raise more means for the Leuven research, Kiwanis Oud-Heverlee and Soroptimist Leuven are organising an online art auction in cooperation with art expert Bert Verlinden (The White House Gallery, Lovenjoel) and Project developer VIRIX, and with the support of UZ Leuven and the KU Leuven.

The online art auction will run from Monday 12 October to Saturday 24 October. A selection of these works can also be viewed 'in real life' between 18 and 24 October in 'Groot Park' te Lovenjoel.

Bidding starts from 12 October onwards. The link to the online auction will be made available via this website.

Last edit: 9 August 2022