Procedure proton therapy in children

As it is very important children remain very still during the treatment, it is sometimes necessary to sedate children. On the basis of a series of pictures we will show how the treatment proceeds.

We have special attention for our youngest patients. There is a special children's corner in the waiting area, Radio-Robbie and the 'chain of courage'.

Chain of courage

The chain of courage is extra support. For every type of treatment, a specific examination or an event, the child will get a bead for his/her chain.

Lego set

To make children familiar with what is about to happen, we are providing a Lego building set. Step for step, the children can build the machine, the treatment area and the various aspects of their radiation, to familiarise them with it. It is also a fun and accessible way to explain to friends or teachers at school what will happen to them in the hospital.

Electric cars

There are also electric cars that the children can use once a week to drive from the waiting area to the treatment area.

Ring the bell

At the end of the treatment series the children are allowed to ring the bell, to mark the closing moment of their proton therapy treatment.

The social worker can also give you information about fun, child-friendly trips in the area.

Last edit: 8 June 2022