UZ Leuven prepares for a potential second corona wave

22 July 2020
UZ Leuven is prepared for a potential second COVID-19-wave. There is plan that can be scaled up should a larger amount of patients need care. At this moment, there is one hospital ward that admits proven and non-proven COVID-19-patients.

Plan for scaling-up

In case of a second wave UZ Leuven can scale up quickly. “In a first phase, the hospital can free up three non-intensive medicine wards for receiving confirmed COVID-19 patients. We need approximately one week to clear the wards and make them ready”, medical director prof. dr. Gert Van Assche says. To bridge that time, there is a pop-up unit that can be ready in 24 hours' time.

A limited crisis-coordination cell has been active the past weeks. The extended coordination cell can start meeting up immediately if required. We follow the situation closely, based on the number of patients admitted and the global figures. 

Non-intensive wards

The three non-intensive wards will be manned by staff that have volunteered. All care workers are properly trained and given the necessary support. "In every scenario, all patients will receive the same level of quality of care”, according to professor Van Assche.

Intensive wards

A similar plan is in place for the intensive wards. “At this moment a number of negative pressure rooms have been reserved for COVID-19 patients with intensive care requirements. We will subsequently free up three intensive wards, depending on the increase of the number of patients with intensive care needs.”

Last edit: 9 August 2022