Transplant patients bring face masks to fellow patients by bicycle

15 May 2020

This week the organisation Transplantoux is bringing all its members a package of face masks by volunteers on bike. Transplantoux wants to connect transplant patients and encourage them to start exercising. With this initiatieve, Transplantoux links the protection of its transplant members to the sportive connection associated to the organisation, from a safe distance.

Transplantoux wants to show that exercise is possible and important for transplant patients. Such an organ transplant is for some patients with varying disorders the only remaining option. However, the procedure is very demanding for the body. Nonetheless most transplant patients continue to lead a normal life, in which sports is possible and even very important.  

Together but separate 

In a time where keeping your distance is the norm, exercising together and sports are not possible. This is why Transplantoux has been organising informative webinars and a weekly ‘together but separate’ online sport offer.

In addition, the organisation will be bringing each of its members a number of face masks by bike. Prof. dr. Diethard Monbaliu, chairman of Transplantoux: “With this action we want to encourage our members in a sportive manner. Personal greetings from the face masks' seamstress and a chat at the door with the person delivering the masks, from a safe distance, does the world of good in a time where we all have to stay indoors.”

Thanks to the financial support of the Rotary Gent the volunteers were able to start work on the face masks with the Tranplantoux logo and bring them to patients' houses. 

Last edit: 9 August 2022