Mobile UZ Leuven team supports the Leuven care homes

10 April 2020
UZ Leuven has undertaken to support the first-line care in Leuven. Today a mobile time took some 85 samples from residents and employees in the Booghuys care home, to test them for COVID-19.

Today a mobile team of UZ Leuven care providers went to the Leuven care home Booghuys. There took samples of 85 residents and employees via a throat swab to test them for COVID-19. This was done in a especially designed tent outside the care home. Prof. dr. Johan Flamaing, head of the geriatrics department of UZ Leuven and specialist-physicians in training of the nose-throat and ear disease department made up the test team. Nele Stroobants, an infection control employee at UZ Leuven started work on the mobile teams. She coordinates the sampling, and provides the care homes with recommendations regarding hygienic aspects. 

Plexus hospitals strengthens the first line care

All hospitals that are part of the hospital network Plexus, including UZ Leuven, work closely together on the approach and organisation of COVID-19 care and take initiatives to support first-line care. UZ Leuven and the Regionaal Ziekenhuis Heilig Hart Leuven offer actual help to the first-line care homes in the areas of Leuven, Leuven-Noord, Leuven-Zuid and the Druivenstreek. Testing residents and employees in the Booghuys care home is for UZ Leuven the start of this collaboration.   

Last edit: 3 February 2021