General measures

You do not need to wear a face mask. However, there are some exceptions where you still need to wear a face mask. Have a look at the current precautions.

Nose-mouth mask

Always wear a mouth mask in hospital if you:

  • show symptoms of a cold,
  • are extra susceptible to infection (if so, preferably wear an FFP2 mask),
  • are visiting a patient who is particularly susceptible to infection.

Disinfect your hands

  • Disinfect your hands regularly with the hand alcohol available in various places.
  • Do not wear plastic gloves.

Limit your time in the hospital

Arrive on time: not too early, not too late.

  • Before your consultation or visit, wait as long as possible in your car. Are you travelling by bicycle, public transport or do you have to wait between appointments? Then you can wait in the reception hall.
  • Preferably come to the waiting area only ten minutes before your appointment.
  • After the consultation or visit, please leave for home immediately.

Dropping off and picking up patients

  • At Gasthuisberg Campus, the kiss-and-ride zone where patients can be picked up or dropped off has been moved to the visitors' car park.
    Read more about parking on Gasthuisberg Campus.
  • In Pellenberg Campus, the strip in front of the main entrance applies as a kiss-and-ride zone, including for taxi services and secondary transport.

Food and drinks

At Gasthuisberg Campus, patients and visitors can once again go for a snack and a drink in the coffee bar in the reception hall and Restaurant De Vier or grab some takeaway in the Take-outs. You can also always go to the food and drink vending machines on all campuses.

Check the current rules in the visitors' restaurant, coffee bar and take-outs.

Last edit: 25 April 2024