Coronavirus: general measures

Read the general guidelines regarding face masks, hand hygiene, keeping your distance and specific measures in the hospital.

Wear a face mask

A face mask is compulsory in the hospital as of 12 years of age, and recommended from 6 onwards.

  • Bring your own mouth mask and wear it as soon as you enter the hospital.
  • Always wear your face mask. This means when travelling through the hospital as well.
  • Wear the face mask even if you have been vaccinated. It will protect you and others against the spread of the coronavirus.

Which type of mask?

  • A linen or surgical mouth mask are fine.
  • FPP2 with a valve are not allowed for patients and visitors, as they only offer protection for yourself.

During admission

  • During your hospital admission you will be given a surgical face mask every morning.
  • When you're alone in the room, you can take of your face mask.
  • Wear your face mask every time someone enters the room: a care provider, hospital staff or visitors.
  • In a double room, this is only allowed when the minimum distance of 1.5 metres between roommates can be respected. For example you cannot eat together at the same table.

Disinfect your hands

  • Disinfect your hands at the hand sanitiser dispensers.
  • Don't wear plastic gloves.

Limit your time in the hospital

Arrive in time, not too early, not too late.

  • Wait as long as possible in your car before your appointment or visit.
  • Did you come on your bike or on public transport or do you have to wait between two appointments? You can wait a while in the reception hall.
  • After your consultation or visit, go home immediately.

Dropping off and picking up patients

  • The kiss-and-ride area for collecting and dropping off patients, is now situated in the visitors' parking (follow the blue arrows).
    More about parking at the Gasthuisberg campus.
  • At the Pellenberg campus, the strip in front of the main entrance serves as a kiss-and-ride zone, also for taxi services and secondary transport.

Food and drinks

Patients and visitors can get a drink and something to eat at coffee shop in the reception hall and in the take-out shops on the gold and limegreen arrow. Please bear in mind that the number of places and the selection is limited.

For now, the visitors' cafeteria will remain closed.

You can also get a bite to eat and a drink at the vending machines on all campuses.

Food, drinks and mouth masks

When you are standing or walking, always wear your mouth mask.

Only when you are seated, you may take off the mouth mask to eat or drink something.

Last edit: 11 October 2021