Investing in the future: Leuven as the health metropolis

Leuven MindGate

UZ Leuven is partnered with van Leuven MindGate, the collaboration platform that puts UZ Leuven on the map as a knowledge and health metropolis. Leuven is a region with a high quality of life and holds an important international position in three key sectors: health, technology and creativity. The city of Leuven wants to confirm this advantageous image by communicating together about the assets of the region both nationally and internationally.  

By joining forces and by presenting itself as the place to be, the city wants to draw top scientists, foreign investors and international funding to Leuven. Leuven MindGate also invests in creating an an attractive business climate which stimulates and reinforces employment opportunities and entrepreneurship. Other partners of Leuven MindGate are Materialise, Imec, ThromboGenics and VIB.

Last edit: 12 February 2021