Where can I find the result of my corona test?

You can find the result of your COVID-19 screening test in the mynexuzhealth app, the coronalert app or via the mijngezondheid.belgie.be website.


As soon as the result of your test is available you will find it in mynexuzhealth.

Lees meer over mynexuzhealth.

Certificate for travellers

If you have tested negative for COVID-19, you will automatically receive a English certificate in mynexuzhealth that you can use as proof for international travel.


Your test result is also available on the Coronalert app.

Please note: this only works if the code generated by the app was also added to the prescription for the test.


You can also check your test result via https://mijngezondheid.belgie.be.

  • Click on 'Aanmelden'.
  • Log in with your eID or with the itsme app.
  • You can find your test result under 'rapporten en resultaten'.

Questions and contact

Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us.

Last edit: 26 May 2021