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Being a top performer in patient care, university education and scientific research is the main mission of UZ Leuven and KU Leuven. In Belgium and Europe, we play a leading role which we want to maintain and further expand. To this end, more than 10,000 passionate employees in UZ Leuven and more than 12,000 employees in KU Leuven combine their expertise every day. UZ Leuven became the first Belgian hospital to obtain the international JCI label for safe and quality care and was recently ranked 31st in the ranking of 200 best hospitals in the world by the American magazine Newsweek. Since 2016, KU Leuven has been leading the Reuters list of Europe's most innovative universities. KU Leuven Dentistry is ranked 9th in the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities, being the second European dental school, and currently also occupies a 19th place in the QS World University Rankings.

The Medical Department Dentistry aims to provide the best possible care to all patients and has a strong multidisciplinary team of experienced clinicians with extensive expertise. We want to be among the top centers for Oral Health Care by excelling in the fields of patient care, university education and scientific research. In this context, the Medical Department Dentistry wants to further develop Oral Health Care for persons with serious medical conditions, for whom dental care requires an adapted hospital environment in a multidisciplinary setting.

In the UZ Leuven Medical Department Dentistry, the full-time position for a medical staff member hospital dentistry is currently vacant.


  • As a Staff Member Hospital Dentristry, you are responsible for the organization, development and supervision of this discipline and its contribution to the Medical Department Dentistry and the Department of Oral Health Sciences.
  • The position is based on three pillars:
    • CLINICAL CARE: as a medical staff member, you know how to work quality-oriented and innovative, and to provide excellent patient care in second- and third-line dental care. You have the appropriate attitude towards working with special care patient groups. You cooperate closely with other medical departments within UZ Leuven, in particular with the Department of Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgery.
  • CLINICAL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH: you have a proven track record in scientific research and want to actively contribute in the relevant domain. You publish in leading journals and supervise PhD students.
  • EDUCATION AND TRAINING: you give theoretical and practical courses to students of the Bachelor/Master basic Dentistry training, as well as to students of the Master-after-Master in Specialized Oral Health Care, more specifically Pediatric Dentistry and Special Care. You organize training courses for dentists in the context of Continuing Education.
  • In a positive spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration and patient orientation, you build constructive relationships and communicate effectively in terms of consultation, information flows and teamwork.
  • You can rely on your organizational talent and know how to set the right priorities and keep structure, even under stressful circumstances.
  • In terms of people management, you can manage and inspire colleagues and collaborators, or you are willing to develop these competencies.
  • You advance the vision and values of UZ Leuven as an international medical expert center and of KU Leuven as a leading educational and research university institution.
  • You represent the Medical Department Dentistry and the subdiscipline Hospital Dentistry within UZ Leuven and KU Leuven, in professional organizations, as well as in governmental institutions, such as the NIHDI (National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance), the Federal Public Service for Public Health and the Flemish Agency for Health and Care.
  • You strenghten existing partnerships and create new ones with national and international organizations in the field of hospital dentistry.
  • You are co-responsible for the organization of the specialist training Pediatric Dentistry and Special Care.
  • The staff member is offered the opportunity to treat patients privately during own consultation moments.


  • You are recognized as a General Dentist in Belgium or are willing to apply for recognition.
  • You are recognized as an internship trainer for the 1-year internship training General Dentistry or are willing to obtain it.
  • You have received additional training in hospital dentistry and/or pediatric dentistry and special care.
  • You obtained a PhD after publicly defending your doctoral thesis.
  • You have a proven clinical and scientific track record.
  • You have a thorough knowledge of the current treatment protocols in dentistry and are highly skilled in the advanced diagnostics and treatment techniques in the mentioned discipline.
  • You are willing to participate in the supervision of the dental emergency service.
  • A good knowledge of English is a requirement and mastery of French is a plus.
  • You are communicative in your relationship with colleagues, students and staff, and can work well in a team.
  • An additional interest or expertise in oral pathology, oro-facial pain and temporomandibular dysfunction is an advantage.
  • Candidates who do not master the Dutch language yet, are expected to master Dutch sufficiently after 2 years and to achieve ERK level B2 to be able to provide dental care, other services and education properly in Dutch.

What we offer


Send your application letter with extensive curriculum vitae, mentioning the vacancy 2043, before 31/10/2021 to UZ Leuven, General Management, attn. the Chief Medical Officer Prof. G. Van Assche, Herestraat 49, 3000 Leuven or by e-mail to, with a copy to UZ Leuven, Medical Dental Department Dentistry, attn. Prof. Guy Willems, Kapucijnenvoer 7 block a - bus 7001, 3000 Leuven or by e-mail to

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