Hands-on training in ESD and advanced resection techniques in the gastrointestinal tract

ESD techniquesare increasingly being used in Europe with a growing need for intensive individual training. We have developed a training program to manage endoscopic submucosal dissections in a realistic environment using living pig models. With this program we aspire that you will acquire the necessary expertise.

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25 augustus - 26 augustus 2021 08:30 - 17:30 Afgelopen

Reasons to attend the workshop

  • Two day workshop includes state-of-the-art lectures, 11 hours of hands-on training with an ESD expert
  • Fully equipped live porcine model workstations
  • To acquire technical tips & tricks and technical skills for ESD
  • To learn to treat complications related to ESD
  • Case discussions

More information

Full program
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Contact us by e-mail: secretariaatmdl@uzleuven.be.

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