Hands-on training in advanced colonic EMR

In the era of colorectal cancer screening in Europe, there is an increasing demand of colonic EMR. This a challenge to our daily endoscopy practice, on the one hand to select the correct patients for this treatment and on the other hand to achieve the technical skills to perform a high quality treatment.

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24 augustus 2021 08:30 - 17:30 Afgelopen

Reasons to attend the workshop

  • Two day workshop includes state-of-the-art lectures, hands-on
  • training and live endoscopy
  • Fully equipped live porcine model workstations
  • To learn the endoscopic assessment and classification of lesions
  • To acquire the skills for selecting lesions that are amenable for endoscopic treatment
  • To acquire technical tips & tricks and technical skills for p-EMR
  • To learn to treat complications related to p-EMR
  • Case discussions

More information

Full program
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