• Datum: 14 december 2017 15:30 - 16 december 2017 18:00
  • Locatie: M-Museum Leuven
  • Organisator: The abdominal transplant surgery and transplant coordination team

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Thursday 14 December 2017
Quality, research and training in transplantation

?Friday 15 December 2017
Medical, surgical, biological and technological innovation in liver and kidney
Pancreas and intestine: ‘Orphan’ transplants?

Saturday 16 December 2017
Role of transplant coordinators, allied health professionals and patients

Thursday 14 December 2017


Registration & coffee



- Marc Decramer (CEO, University Hospitals Leuven)

- Marc Van Ranst (chair department of microbiology and immunology, KU Leuven)

- Jacques Pirenne (head abdominal transplant surgery, University Hospitals Leuven)


Quality, research and training in transplantation
Chairs: Hans Van Vlierberghe (Ghent)
and Dirk Van Raemdonck (Leuven)

- Quality in healthcare
Johan Van Eldere (medical director, University Hospitals Leuven)

- Quality in transplantation
James Neuberger (Birmingham)

- Benchmarking in liver transplantation
Pierre-Alain Clavien (Zurich)

- Center effect in transplantation
Andries Braat (Leiden)

- Improving quality: A permanent quest from basic science to clinical trials
Rutger Ploeg (Oxford)

- Training in transplantation
Vassilios Papalois (London)


Guest dinner in honour of doctor Raymond Aerts and professor Willy Coosemans (by invitation only)

Friday 15 December 2017


Registration & coffee


How to improve quality in liver transplantation
Chairs: Raymond Reding (Brussels)
and Valerio Lucidi (Brussels)

- 1997-2017: The University Hospitals Leuven experience: What have we learned? How to improve short-term outcome?
Diethard Monbaliu (Leuven)

- How to improve long-term outcome?
Frederik Nevens (Leuven)

- Which strategies today to reduce biliary strictures?
Wojtek Polak (Rotterdam)

- Optimal immunosuppression and how to spare the kidney
Faouzi Saliba (Paris)

- Tolerance after liver transplantation; between holy grail and reality
Alberto Sanchez-Fueyo (London)


Coffee break


Dynamic preservation and resuscitation of livers and kidneys
Chairs: Dirk Ysebaert (Antwerp)
and Arne Neyrinck (Leuven)

- Kidney perfusion: Which trials are still to be done?
Ina Jochmans (Leuven)

- Kidney reconditioning
Michael Nicholson (Cambridge)

- Ex situ liver reconditioning: Some like it hot
Chris Watson (Cambridge)

- Ex situ liver reconditioning: Others like it cold
Philipp Dutkowsky (Zurich)

- Resuscitation: why not in situ? Normothermic regional perfusion
Andrew Sutherland (Edinburgh)


Lunch buffet


Biological modulation, hibernation and supercooling
Chairs: Olivier Detry (Liège) and Ben Sprangers (Leuven)

- Biological modulation to improve ischemia reperfusion injury: What’s new?
Nicolas Meurisse (Liège)

- Cell therapy to improve ischemia reperfusion injury
Nicholas Gilbo (Leuven)

- Resistance to cold and hypoxia: From polar bear and arctic frogs to man?
Harry van Goor (Groningen)


Novelties in anesthesiology and intensive care
Chairs: Steffen Rex (Leuven) and Geert Meyfroidt (Leuven)

- Liver and kidney transplant: The anesthesiologist can make the difference
Marleen Verhaegen (Leuven)

- Liver transplant per se causes acute kidney injury
Ina Jochmans (Leuven)

- When is a sick patient too sick for liver transplant?
Philippe Meersseman (Leuven)

- ICU care of the high-risk liver transplant recipient
Jan Gunst (Leuven)


Coffee break


Novelties in surgery
Chairs: Xavier Rogiers (Ghent) and Tom Darius (Brussels)

- Hemodynamics in solid organ transplantation: 
An unexplored field

Mauricio Sainz Barriga (Leuven)

- Extraction and implantation time: The faster, the better?
Ina Jochmans (Leuven)

- Retroperitoneoscopic nephrectomy in live donors
Jiri Fronek (Prague)

- Donation and transplantation: The robot in charge?
Enrico Benedetti (Chicago)


Thomas Starzl (1926-2017): How one surgeon revolutionized the transplantation field?

em. prof. dr. Jan Lerut (Past-Director of the Starzl Abdominal Transplant Unit, Brussels)


Dinner buffet at the M-Museum Leuven

Saturday 16 December 2017


Registration & coffee


Intestine, pancreas and combined transplantations: 'orphan' transplants?
Chairs: Albert Wolthuis (Leuven) and
Daniel Jacobs-Tulleneers-Thevissen (Brussels)

- Why and how to resurrect pancreas transplant programmes?
Rainer Gruessner (New York State)

- Islet transplantation: Current indications?
Pieter Gillard (Leuven)

- Intestinal transplant: From ‘forbidden and forgotten’ to life-saving and quality-of-life improving transplant
Andreas Pascher (Berlin)

- Pancreatic and intestinal transplantation in the University Hospitals Leuven: On the rise again?
Jacques Pirenne (Leuven)

- Combined liver and other organ transplants: Is it justified to transplant multiple organs in one recipient?
Laurens Ceulemans (Leuven)


Coffee break


Donation & transplant coordination 1997-2017: are we in two different worlds?
Chairs: Bruno Desschans (Leuven)
and Stijn Dirix (Leuven)

- Donation in 1997 versus 2017 in Eurotransplant
Undine Samuel (Leiden)

- Donation in 1997 versus 2017 in Leuven
Bruno Desschans (Leuven)

- How to increase donation in an opting-out system - the LSGO-model
Diethard Monbaliu (Leuven)

- The donation process: Quantifying the chaos
Dirk Claes (Leuven)

- How to structure chaos?
Glen Van Helleputte (Leuven)


Lunch buffet


Paramedici en patiënten en hun onmisbare rol in transplantatie
Chairs: Sabina De Geest (Leuven - Basel)
en Karel Op de Beeck (Leuven)

- De transplantatiecoördinator: Ook voor levende donatie
Nele Grossen (Leuven)

- De psycholoog: Niet alleen screening, maar ook ondersteuning
Karine Van Tricht (Leuven)

- De sociaal werker: Evaluatie, maar ook ondersteuning en begeleiding
Kathleen Remans (Leuven)

- De operatieverpleegkundige: Hoe omgaan met complexe, lange en ongeplande chirurgie (en de transplantatiechirurgen!) in het operatiekwartier?
Liesbeth De Meyer (Leuven)

- De intensievezorgenverpleegkundige: Hoe omgaan met toenemende kritiek zieke patiënten?
Sus Vermeiren (Leuven)

-  De transplantverpleegkundige: Administratie en veiligheid versus patiëntenzorg
Mathilde Dehairs/Carine Breunig (Leuven)

- De kinesist: Bewegen om herstel te versnellen
Leen Schepers (Leuven)

- De diëtist: Gezond eten om je lichaam en orgaan gezond te houden
Nelle Pauwels (Leuven)


Coffee break


Patiënten maken deel uit van het behandelende team
Chairs: Wim Laleman (Leuven) en Robert Minnee (Rotterdam)

- Samenwerken aan betere resultaten: Patiëntgerapporteerde resultaten en ‘patient empowerment’ in transplantatie
Sabina De Geest (Leuven - Basel)

- Shared decision-making
Kathleen Claes (Leuven)

- Patiëntenorganisaties: Wanneer patiënten elkaar helpen
Carine Wellens (Poppel)

- Time to move! Transplantoux
Jonas Vanbekbergen (Leuven)


Given a second chance to give others a second chance

Liz Schick (President Transplant Adventure Camps for Kids, ACKERS Anzère)



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