Announce your arrival at Reception on the day of your appointment. A reception assistant will then pass you on to Registration to deal with all the administrative formalities and information and give you a plan indicating where your consultation is to take place.

What should you bring with you for your consultation?

When you register for a consultation, examination, etc. do not forget:

  • your SIS card
  • your identity card 
  • your telephone number and/or mobile phone number 
  • name and address of your family doctor 
  • name and address of the specialist who sent you for the consultation 
  • in the event of an industrial accident :
    • name and address of the employer
    • name and address of the insurance company
    • policy number
    • date of the industrial accident

What should you bring with you for your nursing care/the doctor?

  • letter of referral from family doctor and/or doctor/specialist attending you

You do not need to pay for your examination immediately, but you will receive an invoice sent to your home address about one month later.