In addition to providing high-quality care, UZ Leuven university hospitals also aim above all to guarantee safe care. This is why UZ Leuven closely monitors the international standards in the field of patient safety. These standards focus on a number of aspects:

  • Correct patient identification under all circumstances
  • Effective communication throughout the entire care process
  • Safe use of potentially high-risk medication
  • Guaranteeing the right operation using the right procedure
  • Limiting the risk of infection
  • Limiting the risk of falling

All care providers at UZ Leuven adopt certain working methods and procedures developed especially to ensure that patients are cared for as safely as possible. Your care provider will be pleased to explain the how and why of certain actions in more detail.

Your contribution to a safer stay

UZ Leuven does everything possible to develop safe patient care. But you, too, can contribute towards making your stay in hospital safer. The following tips will help you here: