Visiting the paediatric wards

Rooming-in and visiting: a summary

  • The child and one parent are seen as one and the same person.
  • The other parent is also given access.
  • Preferably, only one parent is present.
  • It is preferable to always have the same parent stay the night (rooming-in)
  • Together with the visiting parent, a maximum of 2 of the family's children (i.e. brothers/sisters) can visit. This is allowed for one hour, parent and brothers/sisters have to stay in the room.
  • if possible, visit between 14 and 20 hrs.

On the condition that the parents or the brothers/sisters

  • did not have any symptoms the last seven days;
  • have not returned from a red area abroad;
  • have not had a high-risk contact with an infected person the past fourteen days.


  • One parent commits to the rooming-in for the entire hospital stay.
  • For long admissions (more than 2 weeks) parents can alternate weekly.
  • Stay in the room as much as possible. Always wear your face mask as soon as a care provider enters the room. Wearing a face mask in the hospital is mandatory as of the age of 12.
  • Leaving the room is only allowed in a restricted number of cases, the transfers have to be vital and are kept as short as possible. You are not allowed to leave the room to take linen from a cupboard or cart, to take supplies from storage areas, to walk or talk in the corridor, or to let your child play in the corridor. Leaving the room is only allowed for:
    • getting and reheating a meal
    • getting water, coffee or tea
    • escorting your child to the play area or roof terrace
    • escorting your child to tests or the operating theatre

Smokers can go outside three times a day for 10 minutes to have a cigarette in the designated areas.


  • One parent can visit once a day.
  • Together with the visiting parent, a maximum of two of the family's children (i.e. brothers and sisters) can visit. Visits can take up to an hour.
  • Do not leave the room during your visit.
  • If possible visit between 14 and 20 hours.
  • Always wear a clean face mask and keep it on for the duration of your visit, even if it is just you and your child.
  • Desinfect your hands when you enters the hospital and again when you enter the room. Also desinfect your hands after touching your face mask.
  • Do not eat or drink in the room.

Last edit: 9 August 2022