Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidelines and measures

7 March 2022
There are still strict guidelines for everyone coming to the hospital for a consultation, functional test. (day-)admission or visit. Always check the latest guidelines before coming to the hospital.

Coronavirus vaccination

Patients will receive their vaccines via the government, not via UZ Leuven. If you qualify, you will be invited by the Flemish government to visit a vaccination centre. We want to stress that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and that they provide excellent protection against COVID-19. Vaccination is most effective way to protect yourself and the people in your proximity. Immunising a sufficient amount of people is also to best way to resume our normal life and ease the corona measures.

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External professionals

    An external person returning from a red or orange area abroad, is not allowed to enter the hospital.

    As of 1 September limited numbers of external professionals are allowed again. Check with your contact person within UZ Leuven.

    Frequently asked questions

    For certain consultations and admissions you have to come to the hospital in advance for a preventive COVID-19 screening.

    Lees meer over de screening.

    At UZ Leuven screenings are only possible for patients with an appointment or planned surgery at UZ Leuven that require screening.

    It is not possible to have yourself tested at your own initiative. Your GP or one of the triage centres can assist you with this. .

    We do everything to make the hospital a safe space for medical care, even now. COVID-19 care and normal care are strictly separated and we take all kinds of measures to welcome every patient under safe circumstances.

    You and your next of kin also play an important part in keeping the hospital safe. Always read the measures on this page before coming to the hospital and follow the guidelines when you're there.

    • At the Gasthuisberg, patients and visitors can go to the coffee shop in the reception hall and the take-outs via the gold and limegreen arrow.
    • The visitors' cafeteria will remain closed for now.
    • There are food and drink vending machines on all campuses.

    Do you want to help out as a volunteer during this difficult time, or do you have another proposal to support us? Please let us know via

    Bring your own mouth mask if you come to the hospital. Wearing a mask is mandatory for patients, escorts as well as visitors. Please wear it, even if you're vaccinated. It will protect you and other against the spread of the coronavirus.

    You don't have a mouth mask yet? Buy one in the shops.

    You can. In dialogue with international experts, UZ Leuven and KU Leuven's top researchers have joined forces to learn to understand the effects of COVID-19, to develop and apply a curative treatment as well as develop an efficient vaccine. Both the teams of professor Marc Van Ranst and professor Johan Neyts are doing everything they can at the moment.

    Your financial support can help the newly started research lines gain momentum. Thanks to your contribution it will be possible to overcome this pandemic.

    Learn how you can support our research.

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    Restriction on surgical procedures as a result of the second COVID-19 wave

    22 October 2020
    As of Friday 23 October surgical procedures that lead to an admission to an ICU or elsewhere in the hospital will be postponed if possible. Procedures and treatments in the outpatient clinic will continue as planned, as well as consultations.
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    Researchers discover important changes in pulmonary veins caused by COVID-19

    5 June 2020
    A new trial has shown that COVID-19 causes important changes in the blood veins of the lungs. The deviations in the lungs show that the virus is a lot more harmful than regular influenza.
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