Coffeeshop on the Gasthuisberg campus re-opens on Tuesday 15 September

14 September 2020
The past couple of months, the coffeeshop in the reception hall of the Gasthuisberg campus has been closed as a measure against coronavirus. On Tuesday 15 September the coffeeshop will re-open as a service to outpatients and escortes, but under strict conditions.

One customer at a time

Only one customer is allowed in the coffeeshop at any given time. The order will taken; prepared and delivered, as in a drive-through. At the moment the coffeeshop menu is a limited one.

Limited time

Customers can take place in the coffeeshop to have a meal of drink at their ease, but will be asked to clear the seating area as soon as possible for the next customers. A coffeeshop employee will make sure all hygienic rules are observed and will desinfect the tables. In addition there are wipes that visitors can use to give their table an extra clean before use.

Contact tracing

As in all restaurants and pubs, visitors need to leave their e-mail address or phone number behind. Together with their receipt they will get a form that they can complete. After their visit, they leave the form behing in a white letterbox. The data is kept for two weeks and removed after that.

1 table = 1 bubble

There has to be sufficient distance between the tables. All people belonging to one bubble can share a table. Tables and chairs cannot be moved.

Face masks mandatory

Face masks are mandatory at all times, also when you walk around in the coffeeshop. Taking off your face masks to either drink or eat is only allowed when you are sitting down.

Opening times

The coffeeshop will be open on:

  • Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 18 hrs
  • Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 14 to 18 hrs

Outside the opening hours there is a limited offer of drinks and snacks in the vending machines.

Last edit: 15 September 2020