Leuvens Universitair Fertiliteitscentrum

The Leuven university fertility centre cooperates with a number of A centres, B centres, satellite centres and peripheral gynaecologists.

Cooperation with A and B centres

The cooperation with A centres is regulated by law. All tasks, areas of competence and responsibilities for the A centre and the LUFC (B centre) are laid down in an agreement that is valid for five years. Any supplements and/or exemptions are also laid down by contract. The list of cooperating A centres can be found in a separate appendix entitled 'Cooperating centres and gynaecologists'.

Cooperation with satellite centres

The LUFC also cooperates with a number of satellite centres. The diagnostic phase and the medical needs assessment after consultation between the specialists at the satellite centre and the LUFC take place in these satellite centres. In addition, the medical staff at the satellite centre are responsible for hormone stimulation. Patients come to the LUFC for ovum aspiration, IVF, embryo transfer or any other fertility treatment. After-care and follow-up take place in the satellite centre again.

Satellite centres:

  • AZ Diest, Diest
  • Kliniek St Jan, Brussel
  • AZ Turnhout, Turnhout

Cooperation with gynaecologists from peripheral hospitals

Finally, a number of gynaecologists from peripheral hospitals take responsibility during the treatment received at the LUFC for monitoring the patient and for the first-line follow-up. They perform the ultrasound scans, take blood and provide follow-up after the embryo transfer by the LUFC. They send the results and data from their examinations to the LUFC by fax. This has to be done before 12 noon on the agreed days. The nursing team draws up the timetable and puts it on computer. A nurse checks daily to see that all data to be received have come in. If this is not the case, the nurse contacts the gynaecologist concerned.

Cooperating gynaecologists LUFC

The LUFC is willing to work with any gynaecologist who is prepared to help you and cooperate with us.

International cooperation