Corona guidelines for patients returning from an orange or red area abroad

Do you live in, or are you returning from, a high-risk area abroad and are you scheduled for planned surgery, a consultation or examination in UZ Leuven? Kindly respect the guidelines below.

Red or orange area

More information about which areas abroad are labelled as an orange or red high-risk area can be found on the government website.

High-risk areas - Foreign Affairs website (in Dutch)

Red area

Patients returning from their holiday in a red area abroad

Do you reside in Belgium, but are returning from a stay of more than 48 hours in a red area abroad? You will have to self-isolate for 7 days, as outlined by the government.

Are you scheduled for an appointment or admission at UZ Leuven during your time of self-isolation?

Patients that live or reside in a red area abroad

International patients from a red area abroad have to follow specific guidelines before their day admission or hospitalisation.

Before leaving for Belgium

  • Both patient and escort (if any) will self-isolate at home for seven days before admission.
  • They will be tested twice for COVID-19: on day 1 and on day 7 of the self-isolation prior to the first (day) admission.
  • In case of a positive test you have to contact the attending physician as soon as possible. In case of two negative tests, the admission can go ahead as scheduled.

Documents the patient has to present upon admission to UZ Leuven:


  • During the patient's admission, the escort will self-isolate for 7 days. He is only allowed to visit after a negative test on day 7.

International patients coming for a hospital consultation from a red area abroad don't have to self-isolate for their consultation or outpatient procedure. but follow the general UZ Leuven COVID-19-guidelines closely.

Orange area

There are no specific guidelines for patients living in or returning from an orange area abroad.

We do ask you to be cautious and to contact your GP should you develop symptoms.

Last edit: 11 January 2021