Corona guidelines for patients returning from an orange or red area abroad

Do you live in, or are you returning from, a high-risk area abroad and are you scheduled for planned surgery, a consultation or examination in UZ Leuven? Kindly respect the guidelines below.

Red or orange area

More information about which areas abroad are labelled as an orange or red high-risk area can be found on the government website.

High-risk areas - Foreign Affairs website (in Dutch)

Red area

Patients that live or reside in a red area abroad

  • You do not have to contact the hospital. The planning of patients living abroad is monitored daily in terms of the actual travel recommendations issued by the government.
  • When you have to return from a red high-risk area abroad for an appointment, your attending physician is informed. He will decide whether the planned appointment can go ahead or whether it is better to postpone.
  • At least one week in advance gyou will be contacted for further arrangements.

Patients returning from their holiday in a red area abroad

  • When you are returning from a holiday in a red high-risk area, you will go into a mandatory quarantine, as outlined by the government guidelines.
  • Do you have a scheduled surgical procedure in the hospital right after your return? You will be contacted for a COVID-19 test prior to the procedure as well as a check whether you have returned from a high-risk area.
  • Do you have a scheduled consultation or examination in the hospital right after your return? Contact the hospital about your appointment. Your attending physician will decide whether the appointment can go ahead or not and whether additional measures need to be taken.

Orange area

There are no specific guidelines for patients living in or returning from an orange area abroad.

We do ask you to be cautious and to contact your GP should you develop symptoms.

Last edit: 27 August 2020