The “third-party payer” system is applied if you are admitted as a day patient or for a longer stay. This means that the invoice is sent directly to the mutual insurance fund and you only pay the statutory non-refundable portion of medical expenses as defined by law and the supplementary costs. You will find more information about the costs of your stay in hospital in the admission statement.

N.B.: certain operations (such as cosmetic surgery) are not covered by the health insurance system. Ask your mutual insurance fund beforehand.

If you have hospitalisation insurance

Some mutual insurance funds or private insurance companies contribute towards part of the supplementary costs through a hospitalisation insurance.

UZ Leuven has concluded contracts with a number of insurance companies under the terms of which the costs to be borne by the patient are sent directly to the insurer. For this purpose an agreement to pay from the insurer is required upon each admission. The insurer then pays the hospital bill to UZ Leuven and sends you an invoice afterwards for any costs incurred that are not covered by your policy. If the insurer does not provide an agreement to pay or if you are affiliated to an insurance company with which no contract has been concluded, then you will receive the hospital bill at your home address. You can then submit the invoice to your insurer.

UZ Leuven applies the “third-party payer” system for the following insurance companies: AG Insurance, Allianz, Axa Belgium, Delta Lloyd Life, DKV, Ethias, de Federale Verzekeringen, Fidea, KBC Verzekeringen, Mercator Verzekeringen, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits and Vivium.

It is best to contact your insurer if you would like more details about:

  • the content of your policy
  • when you have to provide notification of your admission to hospital/day clinic
  • how you have to provide notification of your admission to hospital/day clinic

In the event of an work accident

The invoice for the full amount is drawn up in the name of the insurance company if the hospital has the following details:

  • the name and address of the employer,
  • the name and address of the insurance company,
  • the policy number,
  • the date of the industrial accident.

Costs that are not covered by the work accident insurance are not settled automatically through your hospitalisation insurance. You have to submit these costs yourself.

If you are not affiliated to a mutual insurance fund or a health insurance scheme

The invoice is made out to you for the full amount. You will be asked to pay in advance.