With high intrauterine insemination, the sperm is prepared in the laboratory in advance (capacitated) so that it can be inserted high in the uterus at the right moment using a fine tube (catheter). In this way we activate only the most agile sperm cells and harmful components are removed from the semen.

To determine the moment of ovulation accurately, we use hormonal stimulation of the ovary. Couples who receive this treatment are asked to contact the fertility centre when menstruation begins so that the treatment can start.

If there are two or more mature ova on the day of the hCG injection, we discuss the risk of a multiple pregnancy with you. One or more follicles may be picked up just before the intrauterine insemination, so that just one follicle or ovum remains. Other possibilities include ovum aspiration, IVF or stopping the treatment for this cycle.