Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidelines and measures

24 March 2021
There are strict guidelines for everyone coming to the hospital for a consultation or (day-)admission. Limited visiting is allowed (there are exceptions for paediatric wards, maternity and patients at life's end.

Coronavirus vaccination

Patients will receive their vaccines via the government, not via UZ Leuven. UZ Leuven follows the vaccination guidelines issued by the government strictly. On the government website ( and you can find the list of high-risk groups, that will be prioritised for the coronavirus vaccination. This list is put together based on data provided by the health insurance funds and will be completed with information provided by the GPs.

If you qualify, you will be invited by the Flemish government to visit a vaccination centre.

We want to stress that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe..

External professionals

An external person returning from a red or orange area abroad, is not allowed to enter the hospital.

As of 1 September limited numbers of external professionals are allowed again. Check with your contact person within UZ Leuven.

Frequently asked questions

Patients and visitors can no longer in eat in the visitor's cafeterias of the Gasthuisberg campus and the Pellenberg campus.

Also the take-outs on all campuses and the coffesshop on the Gasthuisberg campus are no longer accessible or visitors.

Patients and visitors can get a bite to eat and a drink at the vending machines on all campuses.

Bring your own mouth mask if you come to the hospital. Wearing a mask is mandatory for patients, escorts as well as visitors.

You don't have a mouth mask yet? Buy one in the shops, or make one in line with the approved pattern.

Monitoring visits for clinical trials by external companies have been postponed. Only urgent audit visits can exceptionally go ahead after formal approval. The visits can only take place in the trial study office. Visits by monitors or auditors for clinical trials in the hospital, including the pharmacy, will be postponed until further notice. For these external individuals the rule is still that if they have symptoms of flu or a cold, they cannot come to the hospital.

  • Planned patient visits can go ahead until further notice as per the protocol. Only if the patient has been put into quarantine, the trial visits will not be allowed to continue. This will be documented as a protocol deviation as a result of COVID-19. The patient can resume the trial after he has tested negative and after consultation with the attending physician.
  • Study medication can still be delivered to the pharmacy and delivered to the patients during the planned trial visits.
  • Follow-up visits by CRAs can be replaced by remote visits (via telephone /e-mail contact) after approval by the PI.
  • Source data verification cannot go ahead via remote visits. In addition, source documents cannot leave the UZ Leuven facilities.

You can still help us with mouth masks of the FFP2 and FFP3 type or masks made with a validated model.

Read more about mouth masks.

Together, UZ Leuven and UPC KU Leuven have set up a team for psycho-social and psychiatric support on the COVID-19 wards. The team is available for the COVID-19-patients themselves, their family and the teams that look after them and works closely together with the COVID-19 wards, the social department, the pastoral department and the palliative support team.

Psychological and psychiatric care for patients

Every COVID-department, including intensive care, will be appointed at least one part-time psychologist; in a first stage the psychologists will even work in duos, in order to buiild up expertise.

The psychologists, the physician-psychiatry specialist in training and the psychiatry supervisor will predominantly work with remote video consultations and will discuss mwith the physician and the nurse of the department, but will also do bedside consultations if this is necessary.

In addition the team supports and looks after the UPC KU Leuven patients that have tested positive for the COVID-virus and have been transferred to an UZ Leuven COVID-unit. A number of UPC nurses will help out with the care on one of the corona wards in the UPC KU Leuven building. That way there will always be a psychiatric nurse present during every shift, in addition to the regular nurses. They look after the UPC KU Leuven patients and all other patients on the COVID ward.

Do you need psychological or psychiatric support from the COVID-team? Ask your physician or nurse on the ward about it. They will contact the team.

Psychological and psychiatric support for employees

We also provide psychological support for UZ Leuven and UPC employees in cooperation with the previously established internal psycho-social support helpline.

You can. In dialogue with international experts, UZ Leuven and KU Leuven's top researchers have joined forces to learn to understand the effects of COVID-19, to develop and apply a curative treatment as well as develop an efficient vaccine. Both the teams of professor Marc Van Ranst and professor Johan Neyts are doing everything they can at the moment.

Your financial support can help the newly started research lines gain momentum. Thanks to your contribution it will be possible to overcome this pandemic.

Learn how you can support our research.

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